31 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

Contemporary INFILL is The New Prefab

John Dwyer was involved in the design of the first LEED Platinum home in Minnesota — 5ive — and now aims to change the way homeowners purchase homes.  He recently unveiled INFILL, “the new prefab,” with a plan to provide complete delivery, high performance, and full adaptability from three basic prefab designs.

29 Mart 2012 Perşembe

The Cube by Make Architects | hotel architecture

hotels architecture

hotel architectuur

The Cube is the final phase of Birmingham’s Mailbox development and one of Make’s largest buildings to date, made up of a broad mix of uses including offices, apartments, retail units, restaurants, an automated car park, a boutique hotel, spa facilities and the city’s first rooftop restaurant.

Contemporary Architecture Poliform, New Flagship Store in Bahrain

Italian furniture manufacturer Poliform have recently opened a new flagship store in Bahrain. Poliform has celebrated the recent opening of the new flagship store in Bahrain, giving evidence to the consolidated roots of the brand in the Arabian market.

28 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

Enzo Ferrari Museum by Future Systems

The museum comprises two buildings. The first is the early nineteenth century former house and workshop of Ferrari’s father, renovated to house a 40-metre-long gallery, while the second is a new glass-fronted structure that curves around it.

26 Mart 2012 Pazartesi


white architecture - modern design

brick painted wall - cube home

"A tall brick painted wall in a traditional shape of a house, together with an attached outdoor chimney, provide the needed privacy the clients requested towards the front, and contrasting with the rear of the house which is made completely of glass and is open to the back - facing north." Read more [ via : mocoloco ]

25 Mart 2012 Pazar

cube architecture : La Pallissa

Ready to learn something today?! A Masia is “a type of rural construction common to the Iberian Peninsula, particularly during the ancient Kingdom of Aragon which have their origins in the Roman villas. They are often large but isolated structures, nearly always associated with a family farming or livestock operation (from Wikipedia)” This is a renovation of a masia in Catalonia, Spain by Cubus, Taller d’Arquitectura that is modern, earthy, simple, textural and gorgeous!


 Rajiv Saini is the designer behind this beautiful penthouse located in Mumbai.

24 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

Linienstr. 23 by architecture firm BCO Architekten

Below these windows, a narrow strip of glazing reveals a basement-level gallery located beneath the apartments.

23 Mart 2012 Cuma

The amazing Burj Dubai

Since the birth of the Chicago School in the late nineteenth century, which sought not only to try to reach heaven but solve problems of space, massive structures that have emerged so far had not exceeded 700 meters. When we speak of the Burj Dubai (Khalifa) in the UAE, we will associate the word with a height of almost a thousand meters, specifically 828. It has a total floor number of 186, whose highest point is at 768 meters, and it will include more than one thousand luxury apartments and offices, a luxury hotel designed by Giorgio Armani, plus spas and restaurants.

22 Mart 2012 Perşembe

oxford greek accent modern - vintage furniture

cube House in a Hungarian Town \ Bauer Polla & ZOA architects

The house was built in the recently parcelled suburb area of a provincial town, intersected by vineyards. Designed by Polla Bauer and András Ónodi, this building with its sharp contour and discrete elegance at the same time stands out immediately from the neighbourhood.

21 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

A++ Architects Design Sustainable Modular Lightweight Houses for Malaysia

A++ has designed a new set of 50 Sustainable Modular Lightweigth (SML) houses for a project located in the city of Melaka in the south-west of Malaysia. The project maintains a light ecological footprint by employing a variety of green building strategies and systems – including an on-site river filtrating system. The homes are also designed to mitigate the region’s strong rain and intense sun with roof-mounted solar photovoltaic systems and hydroelectric generators.

Wine Decanters glass bottle home gadgets

Pedestal Pomerol Dripless Wine Decanter
Place elegance on your dinner table when you use the Pedestal Pomerol for you wine decanting. From the Ravenscroft crystal decanter collection you can choose a wine bottle to fit your taste and budget. Compliment this Pedestal Pomerol Decanter for its fine lead free crystal, stem, handle and long neck. Those features will surely attribute beauty and will make it easier for you to enjoy a pleasant meal with your family. Hand wash recommended. Dimensions: Height 12" Width 5 1/4". Capacity: 32 oz.

Ravenscroft Crystal Free Form Decanter
The elegant, cutting edge, minimalist design of the Ravenscroft Crystal Free Form Decanter is sure to catch the eye of any person in the room. Coveted by the most elegant and trendy restaurants to provide dramatic and modern wine service. Hand blown by artisan craftsmen, from the most brilliant 100% lead free glassware, this decanter's long sloping neck allows wine to be poured easily from bottle to decanter while providing ample breathability.

20 Mart 2012 Salı

Craftsman Style Home Gets a Gold Award

This is the Far Reach House and Gold Award winner in the 2012 EnergyValue Housing Awards by the NAHB Research Center.

19 Mart 2012 Pazartesi

vintage furniture | Cooper Classics Marcella Console Table

Cooper Classics Marcella Console Table. Gorgeous good looks featuring onion top banded turned legs and stretchers on three sides give this console table a solid handsome appeal. Two center drawers with antiqued pulls and the Old World finish make this one hard to beat. Measures 31" h x 46" w x 18" d s.

Koby Cottage is a Prototype Prefab Home

This is Koby Cottage by Garrison Architects in Albion, Michigan. The two-module structure of 1,100 square feet was assembled in about 48 hours and finished as a guest house for families to use while visiting their children at the non-profit Starr Commonwealth.

18 Mart 2012 Pazar

Cloud Modules' by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

modern home design | book store

Brothers and designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec came up with an ingenious and exciting new way to store books and other objects– and it’s a contemporary twist on a whimsical idea. Clouds.

17 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

A tropical villas in the Caribbean cube architecture

cube buildings - villas - tropical house - white house residence

caribbean villas - modern architecture - pool

Spectacular views over the Caribbean and breathtaking sunsets can be enjoyed from the terraces and balconies of Villa Kas Dorrie on the island of Bonaire, The Netherlands. This majestic oceanfront villa features a modern kitchen, open air living room with panoramic views of the sea and four bedrooms and four bathrooms and two half baths, one on each floor. The home has been designed by the famous Dutch designer Piet Boon.

Candle House in Leeds, United Kingdom

The Candle House designed by Carey Jones Architects is located in Leeds, United Kingdom. ISIS Waterside Regeneration’s vision for the Granary Wharf site has now been realised as the twenty-one storey cylindrical residential building called ‘Candle House’ officially launched last night. The launch marks the completion of the final stage of development at Granary Wharf, which has undergone a £90...

16 Mart 2012 Cuma

red brick | Casa Conde modern architecture

If you love brick red you’re going to love this place. The Casa Conde by SAMF Arquitectos located in Pinhal Conde da Cunha, Portugal has a warm, friendly brick exterior that is textured, and beautiful. Though red brick might seem like the sort of thing you would see in institutional architecture, here it adds a whole other dimension to modern design. The interior is equally as warm, and continues the gorgeous brick red color in comforting accents that add such a level of sophistication to what could have been just a normal, slick, personality-less space.

15 Mart 2012 Perşembe

Stunning Neoclassical Palace Hotel Architecture Design

Luxury Palace Hotel in Portoroz, Slovenia has stunning neoclassical hotel architecture design. Palace hotel renovation was done by Api Arhitekti to get stunning hotel architecture with elegant hotel façade exterior and hotel outdoor pool.

Mini House architecture firm by Filter architecture

stucco over brick - modern architecture

modernist architects filter

This individual residential house is located in a suburb of Sarajevo. The house was designed in the ambit of an older building on the same site, which was an urbanistic requirement. The program demanded a much greater capacity for the new facility.

14 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

eco-PERCH is a Shapely Green Tiny Retreat

UK-based Blue Forest makes inventive tree houses and recently introduced a new design concept called the eco-PERCH, which I think you’ll be interested in seeing.  The four-bed retreat can be delivered, assembled, and commissioned in about five days with things like photovoltaics, a composting toilet, and rainwater harvesting, etc.

13 Mart 2012 Salı

Exterior House Design Scheme Sensitive Village Context

A single house with spacious garden scheme is sensitive to the context of the village, drawing on traditional and vernacular detailing of East Lothian. Heights that utilizes traditional colors, materials and details by stating Gables, chimneys, wood roof, dormers, stone threshold and lintols, making subtle colors, slate roof and

12 Mart 2012 Pazartesi

Modern Elegant Sleek and Modern White Cube House by A-cero Architecture

 A-cero has one more model from their homes and modern modular presents cool. Houses show opened in Ferrol (La Coruña) for those who want to visit them. New home featured in the facade is a combination of black glass with white aluminum composite panels.

11 Mart 2012 Pazar

andreas fuhrimann & gabrielle hächler

ascinating Swiss firm out of Zurich that has received its share of awards and media attention but still relatively under http://www.afgh.ch/eeindex.html

[ via : linearchitecture ]

10 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

Modern Attitude Kitchen by Arthur Bonnet

Designed by Marc Moreau for French kitchen manufacturer Arthur Bonnet, the Attitude kitchen is contemporary design that uses wood in a modern way, whilst paying tribute to traditional French cabinet making techniques. Made from bright ash, with its light and vibrant grain, the material choice is less predictable than more traditional oak. Ash has a strong personality and is a solid and reassuring type of wood, which conveys emotion

9 Mart 2012 Cuma

Vintage kitchen designs from Marchi Group

Usually, when you inspect places in a hope to find the perfect home, there are some standards that we all have. For example, the kitchen has to be large , airy and usually modern. The size is not something that we argue about because this rooms needs to be large enough to allow us to comfortable work there. However, some people prefer something a little more vintage instead of modern. There’s something about this style

Italian House Architecture Design by Andrea Oliva

When you live in a block of flats you don’t get to choose the architecture of the building because it’s already there. The same thing happens when you buy a house already built by somebody else. But you get to choose the exact architecture you want to apply when building your own house. And at that moment you can
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