8 Nisan 2011 Cuma

Do you like Valentina, the luxury residence in Miami Beach?

Valentina, a name that inspires quality, refinement, elegance. A perfect  name for this luxury residence in Miami Beach.
Among the beautiful houses in Miami, Valentina is a luxurious house that proves this starting with exterior design ending with interior design. Straight lines, simple design, open spaces, perfect ingredients for an elegant refined residence.
Same style is applied to interior design. Designed under the dictum “simple is more”, interiors are simple with wide open spaces, where light enters through wide windows.
The luxury residence has an exotic look because of the contemporary accessories, put together with nice green palms, a symbol for luxury.
Valentina is a complex, refined lady, with an exotic personality and witu accessories tastefully chosen. That’s the image that creates in my mind when i look at this residence.

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