5 Mayıs 2011 Perşembe

Madrid, Design Architecture Abstraction The Traditional Elements Pitch House

The house is organized into two independent parts. One houses a single volume the whole program. It is air-tight horizontal prism in the form of placement and dimensions. Stone with a large horizontal plane which defines the footprint of the building. Beneath it is located using the service and parking the car, and on the living room of the house. Entrance to the house appears between two different worlds, through the almost hidden staircase located in the vicinity of a large rock.

A unique window trim uniform horizon landscape and illuminate the ceiling concrete. The void that runs almost horizontally through the entire building to bring natural light into the first floor, which allows the sun go diagonally to the ground floor through the double height of the center. Concrete box almost hang below the height of leaves required for the ground floor must be protected from the sun while preserving the view of the skyline. Abstraction traditional residential elements to mislead visitors, and to draw attention to the specifics of the environment. Iñaqui Carnicero Architects

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