9 Mayıs 2011 Pazartesi

Villa Kram House – Low Energy System

Villa Kram also as known as the Hug House, is a natural low energy villa was build in order to present the guests of the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit in December 2009 as a showcase for sustainable living. This villa is located on area which has 4 seasons, so why the most important thing is designing the system of energy consumption in this house which built to accommodate of two families living in. This villa was designed by a couple designer, Natalia and Pelle Sorenson. This eco-friendly house has 13 meters high skylight which provides light for stairs and basement, it also serves as a technical room in controlling the energy consumption distributed around the house. Kram house has three levels, which support to crate large building with low-budget construction. The exterior walls of this house is partly colored in black and partly no paint which exude natural element of stone.

visit the site : neathome

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